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Last February 25-26, 2010, I conduct an assessment on BWI - (Building Wiring Installation) on KEITECH - (Kananga EDC Institute of Technology).

To the information of every body : KEITECH is a joined project of EDC & Local Government of Kananga, The first-rate post-secondary technical vocational training center opens in Brgy. Hiluctugan, one of the primary partner barangays of EDC in Leyte. KEITECH is equipped with hardware and software components for three major technical sectors namely: Construction, Metals Engineering,Tourism and Health and Social services. The training complex has 20 buildings, a large multi-purpose hall, office building, an oval track and a basketball court.

Under the three-year agreement, KEITECH will operate through the Kananga-EDC Educational Foundation Inc founded through the tripartite partnership of EDC, the Municipality of Kananga and the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA). Apart from the fund commitments of EDC and the local government of Kananga the project also perfectly demonstrated that all is not lost when it comes to measuring society’s goodness, and yes even contributions from private individuals flowed for this well intent undertaking. Even the young architect who designed the entire complex offered his services for free.

KEITECH enlisted the services of 25 top notch accredited trainers and very able administrative personnel. For 10 months the pioneer batch of 120 students will train extensively under their watch. Anchored in the Pay It Forward philosophy KEITECH aims to address the socio economic needs at the local level while creating a pool of technically skilled human resources that can be utilized for industrial and services activities in the country and abroad. “Upon completion of the training program KEITECH graduates become a sponsor of incoming trainees after receiving gainful employment. One of the most important things to remember about paying it forward is that it should be done with a selfless spirit,”

My assessment are scheduled for 2 days.

I start the assessment proper at around 10:00am of february 25, then end that day at around 7:00pm. At february 26 I Started the Assessment at 08:00 am then end around 12pm.

KEITECH is Located at Barangay Rizal-Hiluctogan, Kananga, Leyte. It is about 1.5 hours travel from Tacloban City.

To all the Assessee congratulation to you all for having 100 percent passing the BWI-NC II Assessment.

To there Trainer Mr. Virgilio Labicane Thanks for teaching and sharing you knowledge to them.. CONGRATULATION SIR FOR JOB WELL DONE hope you continue sharing your knowledge..

I salute you sir....

Here are some of my photage at the assessment Proper of KEITECH

SugarLand Suites - Ormoc City


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  2. Anonymous said...

    ang galing mo pare... ma pa assess ako sunod pag may asesment ka ha????? timbre la...

  3. Admin said...

    toinkkkkk . . LOL

    oo bah,. hulogon koh ikaw hehehehe

  4. Anonymous said...

    that was really a great day,thank you sir for passing us,still we deserve it,...its me gina of those girls rigth der....heheh salamat jud

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